31 October 2014


When you want to hide......

30 October 2014

Soft focus.

29 October 2014

28 October 2014

Reminiscence from gold autumn.

The last few days is so strong weather in Bergen, too much rain. And for the next day will be the same.
Nothing interesting to share. 
Some reminiscence of golden autumn from Bjørndalen.


27 October 2014


From the road to Mo. Incredible Stegafossen. The picture was taken in the dark evening.


26 October 2014


I do not know exactly - it is Mo or Modalen. Probably both is correct. But is the piece of paradise. Beautiful bay between the high mountains. Around is two big waterfalls, and many small ones. Because was rainy the pictures are not so good. The place absolutely worth to visit in every season.


Because was rainy in the last few days also, the biggest Kvernhusfossen, looks so beauty.


The second one, probably named Geitaskardet, is like a lace on the rocks.


One more view from the beach.