29 January 2015

Like a painting

Terrible weather outside. After the snow storm cross the day, now is only a tons of water everywhere. Brrrr.


28 January 2015

Light in the dark

From the very wet walk in Ytre Arna.

27 January 2015


All the comments here on blog and on Facebook page, showed that You prefer the soft texture. Here is one more.


26 January 2015

Playing with pictures - a day in the city

Saturday afternoon in the city. Weather like you see on pictures. Bored time, enough to play with the pictures. The first is only with soft filter, the second with vintage texture. Enjoy, and have a fun.



Which is better?

25 January 2015

Playing with pictures.

Weather is still so bad. Wet, wet and wet, Little snow in the night, and rain from early morning. Wet. Boring time.


24 January 2015

Bergen at night.

Bergen at night time. Sverresborg festning.